What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? In India, millions of people access the internet every day. Cheaper data costs and faster internet speeds have indeed aided Indians to make great strides in the digital platform. Now people can sit back and relax in their couches while shopping. The internet is the new virtual shopping hub. In the October festival season sales 2019, Amazon and Flipkart managed to rake in a whopping $3 Billion (19,000 Rupees) in just 6 days. Yes, “6 days”, You heard me right. This is a testament to the massive potential of the internet.

Now you must be thinking, those are some big players. What about individuals or small businessmen like us? Don’t worry, that’s what this blog is all about. Billions of dollars are spent on marketing every year. People spent a lot of money on hoardings, billboards, television advertisements. Despite being so costly, do they yield the desired results?? The answer is no. Millennials watch television no more, and nobody cares to take a glimpse of the billboards or hoarding while on their daily hectic schedule.

That is why the world is switching to digital marketing. It is the employment of digital space to promote and propagate your products and services. As opposed to the traditional form of marketing, this is the cheapest source of marketing available. The biggest advantage of digital marketing is that your ads are being published in that space where people spend most of their leisure time: The internet. You can kick start your marketing campaign at a mere one-tenth of what is being spent on a Billboard.

Why switch to Digital Marketing ?

The era of technology has already penetrated deep and have transformed the shopping experience as we know it. The traditional forms of marketing are already a thing in the past and in this rapidly changing era, it is high time that we embrace the future. With an active user base of 4.57 Billion people, the internet is the most powerful platform to leverage.

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It is about time that you escape from the paradigm that digital marketing is only for big corporations. With a large population to leverage to, you can expand your business beyond the geographical boundaries and lure in more customers than ever that too at a cost far less than the traditional means of marketing. Employed with the right digital marketing strategy, you will be minting money in no time. So, get ready to flex your digital marketing muscles while we explain about the various channels to jump-start your digital marketing aspirations:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Visibility created in your favor is half the marketing done. SEM is concerned about increasing your visibility in the Search Engine results page thereby promoting your page. It is a form of paid promotion. You could also incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to rank your page higher in the organic search results. A combination of paid promotion and SEO and paid promotion is more than enough to skyrocket your leads.

  • Social Media Marketing: Social media accounts for more than half of internet traffic. Leveraging this platform is free but a tricky one. It doesn’t cost you much. But the benefits may surprise you. When coupled with the right strategy, you could increase the engagement and interactions of the users thereby building brand value, trust, and a favorable buzz. Social media marketing is the best long-term strategy for your business.

  • YouTube marketing: Over the years YouTube has been successful in establishing itself as the second most popular search engine. Every other video on YouTube comes with an advertisement. YouTube further allows you to propagate your ads to the right customers using their unique algorithm.  In most of the cases, the SEM, Social media marketing, and YouTube marketing cover the lion share of digital marketing.

  • Pay-Per-click advertising: The name itself explains what it means. It is a form of advertisement where you pay only according to the number of clicks your ad receives. A reasonable and fair way to generate leads. There are many platforms and search engines that offer this service. But Facebook ads and Google AdWords remains the most popular and most effective choice in this case.

  • Content Marketing: Content marketing is a marketing strategy where you render valuable and useful content to your target audience and subtly recommend your brand thereby promoting your brand value and trust. You can engage them with any content such as a blog, videos, tutorials, e-books, or other entertaining content. McDonald’s “Question time”, GoPro’s YouTube page showing Visual Contents all are examples of content marketing done right.

  • E-mail marketing: Many of you might be familiar with the promotional e-mails being sent out by companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. about their upcoming discounted sales or promotional events. It is a great way to introduce a new product to your target audience. But should not be overdone as it may be irritating to many.

  • In-app advertisements: Most of the free apps we download comes with ads. It requires a paid purchase of these apps to eliminate the ads. More than 90% of Indians don’t bother to pay for them. Hence associating yourself with these apps and displaying your ads to the customers is a great way to reach a large number of audiences.

  • Affiliate marketing: Not everyone has the luxury to spare time in marketing. That is why affiliate marketing is a great option for them. Affiliate marketing involves a specialist marketing person or agency doing the marketing work on behalf of you. They can promote your product and services in the right channels to generate more leads for you at a nominal charge.

In brief digital marketing is a great way to market your products or services to the target audience to generate more leads and conversion. It is far cheaper as opposed to traditional form marketing and can reach a large number of audiences within a short period.

No matter how simple it may seem on paper, it takes a well-crafted strategy and a skillful approach to nail it right. Owing to the competition explosion in this arena, you should make sure that you are in the lead. Adridge Media is an established Digital marketing Company based on Trivandrum. Our Google certified digital marketing experts and our proven to work formulas has indeed helped us dominate the market within a short time. We can save you from the hassle and market your products and services by employing the most effective strategy that works best for you.

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