How to Optimize Your Website for Better Ranking: SEO Trends in 2023?

Competition has thrived in the Google SEO field, and every channel aims to rank top in Google’s SERP. All websites covet to insert high-ranking keywords to attract targeted traffic and rank higher on the search result page of Google. 

The top-ranking companies in the search result page will not shift from the highest position, and emerging companies will follow modified techniques to acquire that position. In a nutshell, Search engine optimization is a zero-sum game where the competitors obtain the highest position on the search result page. 

Thus, staying at the top of the curve is challenging in the context of SEO. Anyone without a strong knowledge of SEO in marketing can lag in this competitive field. That is why we have listed the trends, statistics, and a clear overview of SEO to help your page rank higher in Google’s SERP. 

Top Search engine optimization trends to follow in 2023

Google is one of the most popular search engines, where almost 75% of all desktop searches take place. On the other hand, nearly 96% of mobile searches occur on Google. So, it is comprehensible that ranking your page on Google’s SERP is crucial to increase its visibility and expanding its reach concurrently. 

Although pay-per-click advertising campaigns have been popular among companies to rank their page higher with the aid of sponsorship, unfortunately, recent statistics have revealed the inefficiency of this campaign. Almost 70-80% of users ignore such sponsored advertisements. 

Thus, following some helpful and appropriate tactics will be the only way to rank the page higher on Google’s SERP. Hence, this blog will inform you about the trends which can help your page to rank higher in the search engine result page. 

  1. Prioritizing user experience

If you search a keyword on Google, the search engine will show extensive results, including multiple companies and pages related to the search term. In that scenario, focusing on the user experience can help your company to achieve SEO in marketing. 

If your organization’s visitors and permanent clients receive an excellent user experience every time they visit your page, the users will choose your company from the search engine results. No one will stick to the website or repeatedly visit if the page takes too long to load. 

Moreover, if the site design is non-intuitive or does not disclose anything about the company, the users will not prefer visiting the site ever again. Hence, while designing and coding the site for SEO optimization, you should put your feet in the end-users shoes. 

2.     Try to deliver fresh content

 Have you ever thought about why a person should visit your page and what benefits the individual will receive from your website? Well, if such thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then it is best for the Search engine optimization of your website.

The visitors prefer to visit the pages that provide proper solutions to their issues. Thus, if your page helps the users to find answers to their questions, they will prefer visiting your page frequently. 

In that scenario, publishing regular, updated, and fresh content can attract the targeted traffic and help the page rank higher in Google’s SERP. Even the Google search algorithm prefers sites that publish fresh and quality content to provide value to consumers.

3.      Video content helps SEO in marketing

If you want your page to rank top in the search result page in 2023, utilize the power of the video content tool. Nowadays, people live a hectic life where they barely have any desire or energy to read 500, 700, or 1000 words content. 

Hence, many websites are experiencing challenges ranking their page with the aid of only engaging and attractive blogs. However, in the case of pages with video content, they feature an increased click-through rate compared to other websites. 

As per recent statistics, 54% of the total internet users in the US prefer to watch video content of their preferred brands to increase their knowledge about the company. Therefore, depending on fresh, interactive, and ripping video content can help your website in SEO optimization and also attract people to stay longer on the site. 

4.     Are you protecting your user’s data?

If your site is one of those pages that do not value the privacy and security of the visitors, then you can forget to dream about SEO optimization. Nowadays, all people using the internet value their security and privacy and prefer sites with appropriate regulations to safeguard the sensitive and confidential data put by the users. 

Moreover, the message popping on the top of your website showing that your page is not secured can increase the user bounce rate, and potential consumers can prefer your competitors only for security issues. Hence, the SSL certificate can save you from this potential disaster and increase your sales concurrently.     

5. SEO for voice search

The search engine has gone beyond the type of search on smartphones, and the emergence of Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri has increased the density of voice searches incessantly. Currently, in the US, almost 40% of users feel comfortable and convenient with the voice search method, and the number will increase rapidly.

So, in 2023, prioritize designing your website appropriate for voice search so that the Google algorithm prefers your company after the relevant voice search. Hence, forming the questions with the aid of keywords will help in optimizing the SEO of your page. The long-tail keywords can aid you in such a scenario and increase the visibility of your page.

If your website features appropriate and relevant knowledge of a specific subject or niche, it will build authoritativeness amidst a wide array of companies. Many users will visit the page and refer to the sites in the context of the subject. Demonstrating expertise can easily impress Google’s algorithm and helps the site to rank better.     


We hope this article has helped you understand the secret trends to follow to acquire an SEO Company and rank your page higher in the search engine page result. Apart from following the above trends, you need to build a trustworthy and authoritative image of your company in the context of your niche. 

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