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The freedom of choice has been never better in the history of mankind. Name any service, and you have thousands of service providers at your disposal where each and every one of them comes up with a unique proposition that sets them apart from the rest. Here Search engines are the ones that act as a portal between these companies and customers. Leveraging the search engine means that we could influence a remarkable number of potential customers.

We are the best Search Engine Marketing company in Kerala. This is wherever Search Engine Marketing comes into play. It is the practice of marketing your business by means of paid advertisements appearing on the search engine results page. Making your way into the top of the organic search results is indeed a hefty task. However, SEM may be a fool-proof thanks to building it to the highest while not breaking a sweat.


Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ?

  • More than 60% of users are unable to distinguish between a paid listing and an organic listing.
  • Pay per Click traffic makes 50% more conversions than organic traffic.
  • Top 3 paid ads account for an average of 41% of the clicks.

Adridge Media makes sure that your listing makes its way to the right audience at the right time, who is both motivated and willing to buy. This could result in more conversions than any other source of marketing. Our professionals gifted with these abilities is what makes us the top choice for SEM Services in India.  

Pay Per Click Marketing: PPC is regarded as one of the most effective online marketing strategies. On the plus side, it is cheaper than you think. They offer high ROI with all margin of investments. The bright side you only pay for the click.

Fact: With a higher click-through rate, the cost per PPC is reduced.

Stay Ahead of your competition: Missing out on online marketing campaigns means missing out on valuable leads. Statistics suggest that adopting an effective SEM and SEO strategy can gain you more than 34% leads to your competition. We can assure you the best possible results as our reputation for being the leader in both SEO and SEM marketing services in India is built on our customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Strategy based on performance: The Digital World is more dynamic than we could possibly imagine. We make the best use of google analytics to ascertain the impact of our strategies and pinpoint rooms for further improvement. We are in constant pursuit of improvisation by having a close watch on the nature of the traffic, their response and ensure that the marketing campaign takes it to the zenith of performance and success.

Trusted by big organizations

Adridge Media has grown a strong reputation in Kerala for our search engine marketing and pay per click strategies. Not only do our expert SEO technicians omg сайт build the best positions possible for your business in search ranking results, we also make sure your Google AdWords campaigns are built to display ads that are being seen by your exact target audience and actually generate traffic from consumers who are most likely to make actionable choices on your website.

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What decided your ad rank?

Everyone is vying for the highest ad position, which is just awarded to the bidder with the very best ad rank. supported the formulas below, you’ll be able to see that though you bid lower, it’s potential to induce a much better ad rank than your competitors if your quality score is higher.

Your ad rank = Max Cost Per Click (CPC) x quality score

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The higher your quality score, the less you’ve got to get hold of a similar spot. Your quality score, that is measured on the campaign level, is decided by the following:

Clickthrough rate (CTR = clicks/impressions. it’s to be on top of 5%)
Relevancy (keywords and landing page should have precisely the same words)
Landing page quality (mobile responsiveness, load time, etc)

Note that your actual CPC = (Ad rank of next competitor/your quality score) + $0.01. With CPC bidding, you’re solely charged once somebody clicks your ad. you’ll be able to decide what proportion you wish to pay monthly, and Google can charge you consequently. Next, let’s see the way to come upon your AdWords campaign.

We are the best agency offering Search Engine Marketing services and Display Networks.

We have a wide experience and first-level professionals with Certification in administration and campaign optimization in Search Engine, Social Media, and Multi-Device Display Advertising networks.

  • Keyword Research
  • Design and implementation of pay per click (CPC) campaigns in search engines and Social Media.
  • Ad copy
  • Advertising notices visible in Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Computers.
  • Segmentation of alerts by Geography, Age, Gender, Interests, and Custom Profiles.
  • Conversion tracking / Engagement tracking through full integration with Google Analytics
  • CPC Management / CPC Bidding strategies
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization using manual and automatic methodologies
  • Retargeting / Remarketing Campaigns
  • Mobile search
  • Access Fully personalized online reports for each client
  • A direct payment system that provides greater transparency.


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Adridge Media has grown a strong reputation in Kerala for our search engine marketing and pay per click strategies.We have a wide experience and first level professionals with Certification in administration and campaigns optimization in Search Engine, Social Media and Multi Device Display Advertising networks.

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