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Adridge Media is one of the best Web Designing Company in Kerala, Quite often a website is your client’s first contact with you. If you make the right impression, you have already won half their trust. That is why we at Adridge Media strive to make your first impression the best impression.

As the best Web Designing Company in Kerala, we create User-friendly, Search Engine Optimized, and compatible websites that make your clients feel at home. Each and every website is to be constructed in a different manner based on multiple criteria such as the purpose they serve, target audience, line of business, etc. We provide a broad spectrum of services such as creating a webpage, website maintenance and hosting that even extends to mobile websites.


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Our website designers are committed to creating the crispest and most responsive websites for you with SEO-optimized content and innovation-driven design based on a customer-oriented approach. As experts in digital marketing, we can ensure robust SEO, intended to drive traffic, while our robust and engaging user interface definitely contributes to converting them into your clients.

A website as unique as you

Adridge Media is the best web designing company in Kerala precisely identify those traits that distinguish you from your competitors and endeavour to come up with innovative ideas to project them to your customers. Our team understands the A to Z of your business line and tailors the website that uniquely suits you. We make sure to deliver what you are looking for and what suits your business the most.

Appealing User interface

User interface plays a pivotal role in converting visitors to customers. A responsive and well-organized user interface is both visually pleasing and easy to navigate which further makes your visitors linger longer on your website. We understand the specific need of your website and what approach suits you the most.

Robust SEO

Owing to our expertise in SEO techniques, we can assure you of the placement of your website at a higher rank. Our digital marketing professionals are nothing short of an artist when it comes to SEO.

Magento e-commerce website solutions

With the power of Magento’s unparalleled ability for customization, seamless third-party integration, and avant-garde features never like before, we cater to your audience for the next level of shopping experience. (Depending on your requirement, we also work on different platforms including XCart, PrestaShop and much other powerful e-commerce software)

Advisory Services

We believe in transparency in our work and services. We are committed to enlightening our clients about what works best for them, and what are elements to be included, and then these are incorporated into crafting their dream web omg dark market page. These premium services do not carry a premium tag. We charge reasonably which over the years has made us the ultimate destination for designing low-cost websites in Kerala.

We can additionally integrate advanced functions like 

  • Special offer systems
  • Full knowledge and multi-site integration
  • Mobile commerce included
  • Multiple choice product
  • Product adjustment
  • SSL / HTTPS Secure payment
  • Multiple payments Integrate together with PayPal, Pay U Money, Google Checkout
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Adridge Media is one of the top web designing company in Kerala. We provide the best Web Development team to build your website.

A website is meant to represent your company before your clients. Making the right representation can work to create a lasting impression and, can work wonders for you. By incorporating it with an intuitive interface, powerful SEO, and convincing write-up we are here to ensure you higher traffic and conversions. With Adridge Media as your partner, you will never have to look back. Adridge Media is one of the best Web Design Company from Kerala.

What Adridge Media can do for your company ?
Web development -new website

New Website

Planning to own your own dream website that uniquely represents you? Create a website from scratch that can speak for itself, designed to impress that represents your brand the way it is meant to be represented. With us, anything is possible.

Web development -mobile website

Mobile Website

Smartphone user base is already through the roof and now is the best time to rake in revenue by designing the most compelling mobile website with a fluid-like interface, most convenient features and, best in class mobile optimization.

Web development -maintenance

Website Maintenance

Does the constant maintenance of your website bother you? Free yourself from the hassle and let the experts from Adridge Media deal that for you in the most professional way possible while you can focus on what that truly matters.

Web development -Hosting

Website Hosting

Our hosting services make use of premium servers that assures you both speed and safety. Make your website available to your customers 24*7. We provide the best hosting service for our clients.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services

How we create successful website ?

  • User-centered style
  • Search engine-friendly and targeted on conversion
  • Your goals and your branding seamlessly incorporated
  • Convenient to use for each your visitors and your administrators
  • Always that includes the newest functionalities
  • Guaranteed satisfaction, proved results

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