Social Media Tricks and Hacks

Social Media Tricks and Hacks

Social Media Tricks and Hacks that can double your Social Traffic

Marketing and promotion of your brand on social media is a tricky task. On one side you have a huge social media user base to leverage to, but on the other hand, you have stiff competition. Frequent updating of social media algorithms and the dynamic nature of people’s preferences and tastes makes it a much trickier one. The beauty of Social Media campaigns is that it can help in rapid Brand building and can be a source of organic traffic to your website.

Playing the Social Media game right
  1. The right and relatable content: An average user has to scroll through hundreds or even a thousand feeds every day. Your content is not only competing with other brands, but also feeds from the user’s friends, family, and celebrities. To get attention, the type of content you are publishing must be captivating and interesting.
    A well-executed content is always well received by the people. The better the content, the more are the chances that it might go viral. A major algorithm change was adopted by most of the social media platforms by the end of 2018 where more importance was given to well-performing content for the betterment of the user experience. The performance of the content is evaluated by factors such as watch time, average percentage viewed, re-watch, engagement, etc. This clearly shows quality over quantity.

  2. Posting at the right time: Apart from the right content, it is also imperative that you keep an at the right time for posting too. What it means is that post during that hour of the day when your subscriber activity is at its peak. This is because the chances of content going viral depend upon many factors and the initial push is one among it. The initial push will help you to get more views, watch time, and engagement aiding your content to perform well.   So, to reap the most of your post, post during the peak hours.

  3. Keep an eye on your competitors: Experimentation is an integral part of any form of social media strategy and marketing. Some might work brilliantly for you, some might not. It is important to understand what works best for you and whatnot. This can be only understood by a lot of experimentation. Keeping an eye on your competitors is one way of saving a lot of hassle for you as it gives you a tip on what works for you and what might not. It is also a foolproof way of getting along with the trend and adopting getting the first-mover advantage.

  4. Audience engagement: Consistently posting content that captures the attention of your audience is a brilliant way of engaging them. Posting content that provides some utility or invokes nostalgia or sentiment can draw people immediately to your page. It is a super-easy way to capture their attention. Also asking them questions, conducting polls and contests increase your engagement with people thereby increasing the reach of your content.
    Social media strategy is a long-term strategy. If you value your audience, they will surely value you back. People love the feeling of getting attention. When you step in to respond to their queries and comments, it is a way of showing that you value and cherish your audience. It helps in fostering their attachment. Having a loyal notification squad is an effective long-term strategy as it helps your content in that initial push.

  5. Multi-platform promotions: You might have multiple social media accounts and a website. Employing these to supplement each other can help you build your social media profile and brand. Let’s say you have a Facebook account that performs well. You can use this profile to ask your subscribers to follow you on your Instagram too. You can even drive traffic from your website and vice versa.

  6. Employing pictorial representations and visuals: In all the leading social media platforms, people are guilty of one thing which they are never going to stop. “NEVER EVER”. It’s scrolling through memes. Everyone is guilty that they spent a lot of time on memes, but that isn’t going to stop them. If you could master the art of meme-making that relates to your content that is going to make a big difference. People will start liking your content and guess what? They will wait for it. Some people will scan your entire page for memes after accidentally discovering one of your meme posts.
    Social media users to scroll through hundreds of feeds every day. More than 80% of people are not at all interested in reading content that has more than 150 words. Bombarding their weeds with words is not a good idea. A better and effective idea would be employing visuals and other forms of pictorial representation. Visuals are not only eye-catchy but also more pleasing to eyes and easier to skim through your content.

  7. Post Consistently: Do you know what the top social media content creators have in common? They are all consistent. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, consistency is the key to steady and stable growth. Unless you are a celebrity or a big brand, you cannot get away with a lack of consistency as it seriously damages your rating and ranking in the social media.
    While posting you should also take into account many other factors such as your subscriber activity time, trending and relevant hashtags, target audience, and content. You should also make sure not to deviate from your niche.


Have a look at this hilarious Ruffles ad where they have employed a classic meme.

Growing on social media is a task that requires a long-term vision, consistency in effort, and strategic planning. Some people become an overnight sensation and some brands that get explosive brand awareness growth. But for the general 99% of the others, it can only be achieved with hard work and perseverance. Employ these 7 sure to work strategy and make sure to gain the momentum in your social media journey.
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