What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing? Every day you may bump across a lot of ads while scrolling across your social media feed. It is said that an average person comes across at least 24 ads every single day on various social media platforms. You might be even baffled by the fact that some of these ads are based on your recent search history.

The obvious question is why are they pushing ads in social media? The answer is quite simple. These constant ads in social media, which we might even neglect get into our subconscious mind without our knowledge. This could influence our mind over time or we might even develop a fondness towards this particular brand. That is why 52% of all online brand discovery happens in public social feeds.

In a nutshell, social media marketing is a form of marketing where the advertiser relies on social media platforms and websites to promote and spread the word about their products or services. It is a really powerful marketing tool to propagate your offering along with an option to engage the public which is an added benefit.

WHY rely on Social Media Marketing

Almost 3.5 billion people use social media and more than half of these people log on to their accounts daily. You are not here to claim them all, but even if you manage to influence a small fraction of this gargantuan number it could mean a lot. If leveraged right, it can turn the tide for you, else you are missing out on precious opportunities.

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If you are looking to strengthen your digital marketing campaign, social media marketing is an inevitable part of it. It can become a key pillar to your campaign. Some of the advantages of social media marketing are explained below:

  • Increased Brand Awareness:  It is a fact that more than 73% of people prefer branded products over others. With your campaign running in social media, a lot of people will become familiar with your brand. They will subconsciously grow a fondness towards it. Social media ads are designed to reach the target audience and based on their search preference and taste. Since a large number of the population is covered, you can increase your brand recognition in a short period.

  • Audience Engagement: Apart from being attractive and eye-catchy, social media ads are designed both compelling and engaging. This would lure your audience is reacting to the post and voila! More engagement results in better performance of your ads. Also interacting with their comments and suggestions can instill in them the feeling that you care for your customers. This is an effective long-term strategy.

  • Stay ahead of your competition: It is always helpful if you keep track of your competitors who are in the same line of business as you. All the top companies do this all the time and social media is the ideal platform to do this. Watch out for what is not working for them and what is not. It further enables you to change your strategy if needed and can detect early warning signals if any.

  • Increased web-traffic: A minimum of 25% od people who see an ad are prone to clicking them and exploring what is it in for them. Captivating social media campaigns are sure to increase your web traffic and maximize conversions and sale. It is said that a “buy now” option in the social media ad is said to generate more sales. Keep in mind to make your website/store attractive as well.

  • The power of “Word of mouth”:  Social media campaigns are sure to engage your existing customers in sharing their experiences with your brand and the quality of your services. No marketing technique is more powerful than a favorable word of mouth. A favorable word of mouth is one that encourages more and more people to try your products and services.

  • Vast opportunities: Social media is not restricted to just Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The options are many – Reedit, Pinterest, Tiktok, etc and the list just goes on. Multiple platforms can increase your reach.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: marketing is often regarded as one of the costliest aspects of any business. Nearly 30% of the budget is allocated for the promotion of most Hollywood movies. But social media marketing is the polar opposite of this concept. It is probably the cheapest yet most effective form of marketing strategy when compared to others. Cheaper cost also ensures better a return on investment.

  • Gain audience insights: All the leading social media provides you with options to gain your audience insights. It gives us a clearer picture of their behavior and preference which can be used to formulate future strategies. It gives you an idea about your areas of improvement and what works for you.

  • Increased brand loyalty and goodwill: Goodwill cannot be earned overnight. It takes a substantial amount of time and effort to earn it. Social media campaigns are a sure way to drastically improve both your company’s goodwill and brand loyalty. Actively engaging with customers, introducing new promotional campaigns and eye-catchy content is sure to help you give the boost your brand deserves.

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Social media campaigns are already a big thing in the market. All the top companies and individuals have adopted their own social media strategy which has benefitted them big time.

But here is the catch. Social media campaigns may seem amazingly simple enough, but it is more complex than it seems. You have to focus on many key areas and devices an effective social media strategy to make it work for you. Keeping an eye on all the key areas and constant evaluation is necessary.

We at Adridge Media has been successful in establishing ourselves among the top players in digital marketing. Taking into account the nature of your business, we can sure employ the most powerful social media strategies that could work wonders for you and fosters scaling unprecedented new heights in your business.

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