The 8-step strategy to create a powerful brand

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The 8-step strategy to create a powerful brand that speaks for itself, Whenever you think of a product the first thing the comes to your mind would be of the picture of a famous or prominent brand. The fact is that a powerful brand is something that can invoke a feeling in the customer’s mind. They will subconsciously attribute it to some quality or aspect whenever they hear that name. People think of sports when they hear the word Nike whereas when it comes to Apple, they will attribute it to something premium and likewise. That is what a powerful brand is capable of.

As opposed to popular belief, a brand is not a mere logo or a design. A brand is a guarantee of trust and quality given to its customers. This is the reason why more than 73% of people prefer branded products over non-branded ones whenever a purchasing decision is taken. Branding is so powerful that if you deliver the desired output, the brand loyalty of people will rise 10x fold from the first purchase itself. This leads us to the question: Can we create our own brand? The answer is Yes, Totally. But it is not an overnight process. Creating your own brand to influence and attract customers is quite a strenuous process. But sure, you can hasten the process if you employ the most effective tactics and some help of course.

Brand value is an intangible yet the most powerful asset a business could have.

Here are the 8-step strategy to build your powerful brand:

  • Chase your passion:  If we have a look at the greatest entrepreneur’s and businessmen, we can find one thing in common. A passion and affinity for their line of business. Passion is a powerful element that propels us forward. An average human spends around 70% of his life in the work he is doing. If you don’t love what you are doing, it simply means you are spending 70% of your life doing things that you don’t like.
    On the contrary, if you choose to adopt your passion as your source of income, you will wake up every single day excited to do something new, something innovative, and something that will reward you both mentally and monetarily

Look at this picture of Elon Musk, the CEO of Space X’s emotional reaction during the launch of his falcon Rocket. His passion and obsession are what made him the CEO of the first privately funded space agency against all the odds.

  • Find an opportunity in the market: Opportunities never knock twice. You have to grab the opportunity as soon as you spot one to gain the first-mover advantage. Opportunities are everywhere, but the trickiest part is that opportunities are only revealed to those who truly seek them. The market is really dynamic that there is always new opportunities every single day.
    Let’s say gardening is your passion and aren’t websites out there that sell plants online. This is a gap where your business could fit it. This might be your ideal opportunity. Look for such voids where your passion can fit in.

  • Be original and unique: If you walk into a market where all the sellers are selling similar products in the same exact manner, would you be able to prefer one person over another? Chances are you might not care and will choose randomly. This is what happens when you blindly try to follow somebody else’s marketing strategy and follow their footsteps.
    There is absolutely nothing cool about being normal when it comes to marketing and business. Chances are you might end up being one among just another brand in the market. Think differently and think uniquely as that might help you be distinguishable and recognizable.

  • Create a Strong identity: Do you know that you already have a brand before creating one? A brand doesn’t always mean a colorful logo or symbol. It simply means you and your business. Think about President Trump. There are certain positive and negative qualities that come to your mind when you hear about him. He himself is a brand.
    Your brand should distinguish and identify itself with some unique aspects or qualities so that for people looking for such qualities, the first preference should be your brand. For example, people will choose google pixel over others if camera and software updates are preferred. In case if someone is looking for brand value and luxury, they will prefer Apple. People choose such brands due to their unique aspects and these aspects help in creating a unique identity for your brand.

  • Know your competition: A business environment is a really competitive one. New innovations and ideas are being implemented every day to capture the audience and thereby market. No matter how advanced and resourceful your brand is, it is important that you give due attention to what your competition is up to.
    back in 2007, blackberry used to be a big brand in the arena of mobiles, especially smartphones. It used to be a symbol of status and luxury. Today blackberry as a brand is even surpassed by budget Chinese brands as they resisted change with change in the market. Amidst the advent of full-screen- touch mobiles kept on holding to their qwerty model phones resulting in loss of market share from a staggering 20% to mere less than one percent.

  • Understand what your customers want: Samsung is a big player in the market which commits a whopping amount to its R&D department. They create new and innovative products to derive demand. But this strategy does not work well with all the other businesses due to many reasons. One is that most companies cannot afford such a huge expense. Secondly, its mostly trial and error formula as more than 95% of such ideas fails in the market.
    But a foolproof strategy that works all the time is the market-based supply. It simply means give the customers what they want and they will drive you more sales and thereby better brand recognition.

  • Customer Engagement: While scrolling through your social media feed, you might have often come across many tactics adopted by brands in order to interact with their customers. It includes gamification, building up a community, lucky draws, etc. This would draw people to your brand and make them feel that this brand really cares for them and value their association with the brand. They would start loving your brand and this would make them pick your brand over others any day.

  • Promotion is the key: The first and most important step towards popularising your brand is the right amount of promotion via the right channels. There are thousands of brands in every product line. But most of them go unheard due to the lack of the right promotion strategy. Promotion is the way of letting people know about your powerful brand and the exceptional services you are providing.
    There are a lot of promotion techniques out there that can yield you the dream results. The most effective of them is promotion via digital media. The traditional banners, posters, and flyers have become outdated and people started to embrace the digital mediums as they are cheaper, simple, and more effective. Social media marketing is really effective in customer engagement thereby building brand value whereas employing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, e-mail marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing can indeed generate more quality traffic to your website and can create better conversions. Such forms of digital methods also increase your brand recognition.

Creating a powerful brand requires a lot of things right, but the prime focus should always be customers. Customers served right is the most powerful way to build your brand as nothing can top positive word of mouth. Happy customers are what drives your business. That is why customers are regarded as the king of the market.

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