Google newly launched People cards

What is Google’s newly launched “People cards”?

Let’s create your first people cards!
What if I say that you can make your way into the Google search results with your image and details? Seems crazy right? Well, Google’s newly launched “People Card” is the answer to your prayers. This newly announced feature allows users to add themselves to Google Search. For this, neither you have to be a celebrity with millions of followers or fans, nor you have to connect your Social Security number of Aadhar card. All it requires is your Google account and you are welcome to try this for free.

People cards feature has been in the testing phase for quite some time and they rolled out this feature on 11th August. As of now, this feature is available only in India for mobile users that too in English. In a way, it is nothing short of a virtual visiting card. Scroll down to the end of the page to create your first Google People card.

What’s in Google’s all-new People Card?

Google’s People card is more or less like a fusion of your Social Media Profile and a visiting card. It houses your profile picture along with your name, about, location, About, work education, and contact details along with the link to your social media handles. What is it in for you?

Google people cards
What is it in for you?

Owning a website is not an easy deal. It comes with a cost and somebody to maintain it. if you are an influencer, entrepreneur, professional, performer, or anyone who wants to make your details known to the public without creating a website or so, then People Card is meant for you. It’s your online digital visiting card where you can make your means of contact available to those who seek out your service.

Who will benefit from the People card?

People cards will benefit anyone who is seeking information about someone and anyone who wants to make their contact information public.

What about fake cards?

Google’s people cards can only be created from google accounts. It is worth noting that google accounts can only be created after verifying your number. Also, one People card per Google account is allowed.

How to create my Google people card?

Let’s create your first (apparently the only people card) today with these simple and easy steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account via your smartphone. (People card doesn’t work on     computers as of now)

Step 2: Search for your name or search in google “Add me to Search” It will give you a prompt as given below.

People cards

Step 3: Click on this promptsaying “Add yourself to Google Search”.  

Step 4: Now you will be prompted to add your Mobile number. Enter your mobile number and verify with the OTP send to your mobile number.

Step 5: It will take you to the next prompt which will look like the one given below:

People cards

You can add your image, enter your details and your social media accounts. You have to manually copy-paste the social media links to make it functional.

Step 6: Click on the save option and Voila! You have created your first google People card Successfully. You can search your name on google to see your people’s Card.

You can edit your Google people card anytime by clicking the edit button.

Tech giant Google is unarguably the pioneer of  smartphone innovations and advancements. The People card feature to shows their commitment towards the tech community and empowerment of the public. This sure does open doors to many who seeks to gain visibility on the digital space.

To prevent the misuse of this function, they have restricted the people’s cards to one card per person. Also, Google made it mandatory to verify via mobile number and also enabled users to report impersonations, offensive, or abusive content.

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