14 Tips to grow your YouTube channel fast in 2020

14 Tips to grow your YouTube channel fast in 2020, Today more people are obsessed with growing on YouTube than ever. Everyone wants to have a fair share of success on YouTube. Some dream of it, some take action towards it, but most of them quit it halfway through. Some people become overnight sensations while some have to put relentless efforts and years of rigorous hard work to make it to the top.

This month, another Indian YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani crossed the 20 Million subscriber mark making him the 3rd Indian Youtuber to do so after Amit Bhadana and the sensational Carryminati. It sure looks like more people are following their lead as Bhuvan bam and Technical guruji are all set to make it anytime soon. So, the question arises: Can I make it big on YouTube?

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If you take a look at the 5 most subscribed YouTube celebrities, they all have one thing in common: No former exposure to limelight. None of those people had made any previous appearance in movies or any other public platform. They just saw the opportunity on YouTube and seized it. They all made experiments, committed many mistakes, learned from their path, and rose to their stardom.

Even though they are big names today, it took them a lot of experimentations and failures to understand YouTube, its algorithm, and ways to make it work for them. That is why we have brought to you this blog exclusively for you so that you don’t have to face failures and to grow your YouTube channel fast? We have incorporated the most impactful pro-tips into this blog so that can get straight into business. The 13th and 14th are the best.

  • Choosing your niche and Sticking to it

    This is probably the first and most important step to be taken by any aspiring YouTuber. Choose your niche first, be it vlogging, comedy, tech info, product reviews, etc. There is a reason why people subscribe to your channel; Simply you are providing them what they want. If you are regularly posting cooking related videos, your subscribers might be those people who are into cooking. If you start uploading tech-related videos, your subscribers might not be interested in watching them. The worst-case scenario is that they might have a peek on your video and navigate away from it which may lead to a decline in the video’s rating.
    Your viewers might have a certain level of expectation from you and when are not meeting their expectations, they would simply walk away. This is a risky stunt which only some celebrities can afford as people are interested in knowing what they do no matter what.
    Take a look at Carryminati, India’s most subscribed Youtuber. He maintains 2 separate YouTube Channel: one for roasting videos and the other one for live-game streaming. Why do you think he does that?

  • Nailing the first impression right with the most click-worthy thumbnails:

    Albert Einstein once said, “One picture is worth a thousand words”. This is because of the ability of an image to communicate so much information at a single glance itself. Your thumbnail can speak a lot about your content far better than what your title can do. So always create thumbnails that give your viewers a sneak-peek into what is in the video.

For an instance have a look at the below thumbnail:

The thumbnail clearly serves the purpose of the video, i.e. the transformation of the Chandni Chowk along with the before and after pics.

In this image, it asks the viewer not to commit mistakes with the title Galti mat Karna and has displayed the Realme mobile with its specs. It has also mentioned about the Zenfone 7 series. This would attract anyone who is planning to buy a mobile in the near future as well as those tech enthusiastic guys.

Points to be noted while creating Thumbnails:
– Give a brief idea of what is in the video.
– Try to add an element of curiosity.
– Add captivating titles.
Do not ever clickbait. It may fetch you some views, but can be harmful in the long-term.

  • Catchy Titles:

    Your titles serve two purposes. It makes your videos discoverable in the first place and secondly’ it attracts an audience. Titles should be compelling, straight to the point, yet present in an innovative manner. Also, try to incorporate keywords related to your content in the title. This would help your video rank higher on YouTube’s organic search results. Let’s say, if you are making a vine or comedy video of funny marriage instances, try to give a title that matches with video and do enlist who all are featured in the video.

  • Add keyword-rich descriptions:

    Video descriptions can play a crucial role in ranking your video higher if used right. Most of the creators just confine their descriptions to a mere one or two lines. This is nothing short of missing out on the valuable opportunity of gaining more views. You could use this to your favor as you could the best the most powerful keywords into this. Also, it is a fact that lengthy keywords can leverage the YouTube algorithm

  • The magic of the first 15 seconds:

    The first 15 to 30 seconds of your video play a crucial role in audience retention. If it is captivating enough, it is highly likely that the user will watch at least omg darkmarket 80% of the video. Else they will just abandon your video leaving you with a below-average audience retention rate which seriously hampers your video’s performance. It is all about making the first impression right. Some people might even give a short cutscene of a crispy scene which is somewhere in the middle of the video as into to invoke the curiosity of the audience.  Spend a considerable amount of time into crafting out the perfect start to each and every one of your videos. Try to make it the best part of your video by avoiding fillers, pauses, broken audio, editing glitches, and a weak script. Make sure not to overdo things such as transitions and graphics too as some audience will get easily turned off by these things.

  • Get yourself/channel branded:

    By getting branded, I don’t mean that you should start selling your branded merchandise. It simply means promote the goodwill yourself/your channel. This would add credibility to you and your content.
    Start by adding a good intro to your video with a background score and logo.
    Also maintain social media handles of your channel on Instagram, Facebook, etc. and associate yourself with the people that love your content.

  • Increase your upload frequency:

    To leverage the YouTube algorithm, it is recommended to post videos at least once a week. There are no maximums here. The more the better.
    This would help you in two ways:

    i ) More videos mean more visibility to you and more are the chances that one video might go viral which further helps you with better discoverability and recognition.

    ii) YouTube algorithm tends to promote channels that post a lot of videos. Posting more is surely an easy way to leverage the YouTube algorithm.

    But wait, don’t all the popular channels post 1 or 2 videos per month?
    Yes, that right. But these people have a huge subscriber and fan base which helps them with instant video boost. Their videos have the potential to land on the trending page even without tags and keywords because they are famous already. Don’t worry, you will eventually get there.

  • Keep the opening intro and titles short:

    We have earlier asked you to add an attractive intro to your video preferably with a background score and some graphics. But the key here is not to overdo it. As we mentioned earlier, the initial 15 to 30 seconds play a crucial part in audience retention and it needs to be balanced.  The opening intro and credits are a good way to start your video with a befitting logo and intro music as it describes the value and authenticity of your production. But overdoing it is like killing your video. So keep it short, crisp, and, engaging.

  • Editing out all the fillers:

    If the video is properly edited, you can trim out a minimum of 20% of the unwanted fillers in your video. This 20% can greatly improve the quality of your video. The usual fillers include long pauses, unedited unwanted scenes, long and boring transitions, beating around the bush and not jumping straight to the point, etc. try to reduce this as minimal as possible. This adds a professional touch to your videos and that itself can give your videos a great edge over others.

  • Scripting your video:

    This is one that 99% of the top YouTubers do. Take the top 5 Indian Youtuber’s and they all have done scripting. Even for a simple 5-minute video, they have to spend days or weeks on scripting. That is how powerful this thing is.
    Scripting gives you a second opportunity to look at things as you transfer the idea from your mind to text. It will also give you better clarity to your vision about the video and you are less prone to make mistakes and retakes as you have laid out what you are going to do perfectly. It also helps you avoid fillers during conversations leaving your video with a smooth and seamless presentation.

  • Engaging with your audience:

    regular engagement with your audience is a great way to connect with your audience. Responding to their comments, tweets, queries makes them feel valued. For instance, have a look at the following article published in News18:

Look at how India’s top Youtuber Bhuvan Bam was lauded for his response to a fan via Twitter. This sort of engagement with the public will get you their love and attention. It is also a sure way to get some free promotion.
Your audience is what shapes you and your channel. So once in a while spent time with them preferably at least half an hour a day. This is a sure way to get the love and attention of your audience.

  • Promote your YouTube videos on Social Media – Instagram Reels, Ticktock alternatives, Fb, etc:

    Promotions done on social media are always good as help to gain followers both on your social media handles and your YouTube channel as well. Facebook and Instagram all promote engaging videos to users feeds so as to engage them more in the platform. One such newly opened opportunity which you should grab right now is the Instagram reels. This quickly became a success as soon as Ticktock was banned in India. Have a look at how famous YouTube creator Ashish Chanchalani is using his Instagram Reels to promote his YouTube videos by posting short excerpts from his YouTube Videos:

In these Instagram reels, he is receiving millions of views for each of his reels. The viewers who find these interesting as sure to check his YouTube channel and his social media handles for more of these.
Tiktok has been a great promoter for such content and getting the attention you deserve. A lot of new apps are now competing to fill the void after Tiktok was banned. Feel free to test out such apps like the Takatak, Trell, Josh, etc.
One thing to be noted is that never post your full videos on social media. Just post the most crispy and interesting part of your video both to entertain as well as to spark the interest of the viewers.

  • Content is the king- Be creative:

    Amidst all the above-mentioned factors, we often come across videos that do not have proper editing, no keywords, no engaging titles, intros, etc. But still, they become successful. Why is that?
    Such videos are a testament to the fact that content is the king. No matter how big your subscriber base is, if you fail to produce quality videos, they will not be received well. So be creative and innovative. There are clichés and stereotypes everywhere. Being innovative can make you stand out from the rest of them.

  • Be Confident and consistent:

    YouTube is one of those magic worlds where you can expect a miracle anytime. There are creators who have a posted video for months yes unable to taste success. But then all of a sudden, their videos go viral and start to gain subscribers like crazy. All their videos go trending all because one video of them went viral.
    It is a matter of not giving up amidst the low views and subscriber count. Test waters, experiment and, keep posting until you discover the magical formula to YouTube success and fame.
    The biggest factor of success is your confidence in yourself. Do not post videos you are not confident about it. Give it your best try and post them for the world to watch. Even YouTube’s motto says “Broadcast Yourself”. This is your chance to broadcast yourself. This is your platform. Use it to grow and share your creativity. Do not spend time contemplating what others will think. Feel confident to share it with your friends and flaunt your work. Life is all about enjoying and living at the moment

To sum it up, YouTube success is not restricted to some privileged ones or celebrities. India’s top Youtubers have demonstrated to us the fact that anyone from the most ordinary background can embrace success on YouTube. So why feel demotivated. Start your YouTube journey and make it big. Keep an eye on all the above-mentioned factors and let me assure you, your success is inevitable.

“ Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.’  -Marie Forleo.

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