Why Use Videos for Your Social Media Marketing

Why Use Videos for Your Social Media Marketing? Gone are those days when text content was the king in social media marketing. People’s attention span is reducing and to keep your audience hooked to your brand, visual content has become essential. Images and videos are the key, with the latter winning the internet. Videos, specifically short ones, no matter how they are shot (with or without involving high end cameras or editing tools) have become a favorite in the internet. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter have all meticulously promoting video content and that is exactly why you should try them for your social media. To make it precise, here is why you should use videos for social media marketing.

Grabbing Eyeballs

Videos are easy to consume, unlike long paragraphs of texts. They are, in fact, spectacular tools to keep your audience hooked. The success of your social media boost is to keep the content condensed and short yet make people wanting for more. The video must have clarity right from the beginning, otherwise chances of people scrolling away is high. A good video grabs attention, thereby increasing views and reach. It could be a well shot video even using a phone camera or an animated video, the idea is to have it crisp and condensed.

In-Built Search Engine Optimisation

Most social media platforms act as search engines with their varied content and it is important to have your video on the priority list or ‘trending’ list. To get a video trending, you must use catchy headlines and relevant hashtags that get you going. Hashtags are truly important as they give you much views and popularity.

Unbelievable Brand Exposure

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money in making videos, but ensure that the video is worth every penny. Clarity in dialogues, zero noise in the background and good picture quality is important while you make a video. Also, to make greater impact, use your brand logo in the video. The more people watch the video, the more exposure your brand would get with apt logo placement. But, make sure that the logo placement does not make the video look absurd.

There are many similar points to remember while you make videos for your social media. For top-notch social media marketing, you can always choose Adridge Media, one of the best social media marketing companies in Kerala. The company would understand your requirements, help you make videos that speak a million words and boost your social media presence.

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