How to design SEO-friendly websites that rank well in Search engines?

In today’s digital world, where everything happens online, you must build SEO-friendly websites for greater visibility and wider reach. Designing an SEO-friendly website means that the pages are designed and structured in such a way that search engines crawl every page of the website efficiently, interpret its content effectively, and register it in their database. Once the web pages and their content are registered by search engines, they will throw up those websites in the results based on the user search preferences. And the better SEO optimized a website, the better are the chances of it appearing on the first page of the search results. 

Even though billions of people use search engines daily for different queries, hardly 5 percent of them browse through to the second page. So, you can measure the importance of SEO-optimizing your website for high rankings. If your website is not on the first page of a search engine result, consider them lost in the sea of websites that get meager visits, low ROI, reduced online visibility, and no digital presence. If your services and business are driven by your website, then it is all the more important to design and develop SEO-friendly websites for them to succeed. 

Here’s how SEO-friendly website design can help you get desired results

Great websites are laden with strategically designed SEO techniques that allow search engines to read and identify the web pages for high visibility. While some strategies are easy to achieve, some require a certain degree of expertise that only professional SEO optimization professionals can do. 

User experience 

Every website must provide a positive user experience for longer retention. While the look of the website is important, it should also be highly user-friendly and engaging so that the visitors don’t leave the site. One of the best ways to achieve that is by making your website easy to navigate. If users don’t find what they have come looking for in the website in the first few seconds, they are highly likely to leave. Content hierarchy is another important point. Determine what is the most important information for your website and highlight it in such a way that it is easy for the user to find. Internally linking your content is another good option. Try to keep external links to the minimum as they will take your user away from your website. 


Keywords are words that best define your product or services. Use them in your content as it will drive more traffic to your website. Strategically placing the keywords can make a big difference in the way search engines display your website. So, ensure that the right keywords and placed in the right positions to maximize your SEO optimization.

Site speed

The speed at which a site loads is one of the most significant factors in ranking high in search engines. It not only attracts better ranking but also user retention as several studies have shown that most users tend to leave the site if it is slow to load. A large number of users search the web from mobile phones that are likely to load a website comparatively slower than a desktop. So, it is imperative that your website is designed and developed in a way that is quick to load. You can enjoy high search engine ranking and higher user retention with an SEO-friendly website design.


Content is king, the adage has originated for a reason. The better your content is, the higher are your chances of ranking high in search engines. Good quality, updated, and informative content is recognized by the search engines faster. So, keep updating your content and maintain the highest quality. Blogs are a great way of maximizing content optimization as they can be about the latest news, trends, information, and can link different pages within your website.  

Create an SEO-friendly domain name

Domain names help people recognize your brand and SEO-friendly domain names attract faster search engine recognition. Your domain name should be one that aptly describes the products or services you provide. A correct domain name that aligns with your brand will help users find you easily. You can also choose a domain name that has appropriate keywords related to your business. This will make the domain name more SEO-friendly.

Mobile optimization and responsive design

Online users now enjoy multiple device options to surf the web. Be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, websites should be developed in a way that they fit into the screen size seamlessly. Most major search engines have also made mobile-friendly websites one of the important criteria for rankings. Any website, that is not mobile compatible will not be preferred by search engines giving them low rankings. This is why building a responsive website is the best solution. It adjusts itself according to the screen size giving the users a great experience. 

Link building

Link building ensures that users are diverted to your website from other sources. This establishes your website as a trustworthy and authoritative source of information giving users/clients/customers more confidence that they have come to the right place. Link building also helps in getting a high ranking on the search engines. This can be easily done by creating compelling, unique, and high-quality content, getting your services/products reviewed by influencers, etc. This will effectively make your website more SEO-friendly and bring more visits.  

Developing SEO friendly URLs

Who likes to read long, user-unfriendly, obscure, and boring text? Certainly not the search engines. So, make sure that your URLs are short, descriptive, and easy to read. It is advised that special characters like underscores, percentage symbols, ampersands, etc should be avoided at any cost. The easier your URLs are to read, the better are your chances of search engines picking your website. 

Your website is your gateway to the online world where the action is taking place. Without SEO optimization, it will not find that much-coveted place in the search results, leaving no space for your business to prosper. But a professional web design service provider can make your life easy by providing efficient and effective web design services that will take your online presence a notch higher. And Adridge Media is one of them. Their experienced and expert team of web designers knows the SEO optimization game inside out, giving your website an edge over the rest. A result-driven, client-centric, affordable, and scalable digital marketing service provider, Adridge Media is sure to bring high visibility and great search engine rankings for your websites. Their innovative planning and implementation of digital marketing strategies will enhance your website’s presence and establish you as a market leader. 

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