How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast

Video is the most effective tool to communicate online at present. With gripping content and interesting video making, you could communicate anything and everything to your target audience. The best platform so far for video content undoubtedly is YouTube. Compatible features and popularity make YouTube the right place to share your video content. For a better visibility, you need to rank your YouTube videos by optimizing both YouTube and Google. How do you achieve that? Here are some tricks.

How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast
  • Titling the Video Perfectly

When you give a title to your video, it should not only be catchy but also contain keywords that could get a better ranking. The best way to achieve this is by including an apt keyword(s) in the title. YouTube allows 100 characters in the title but Google cuts it off to 70. So, use your words wisely and aptly. The keyword could anything that represents what you are trying to cover in the video. The more precise it is, the better views you would get; also with the right keyword, you could get your video ranked well.

  • Keep the Tag

While Google uses keywords to rank your videos, it is tags that help the ranking within YouTube. You could add as many as 500 characters in the tag section and this could be related to the idea of the video and the keywords. There are portals like TubeBuddy that helps you generate tags for YouTube. Use the appropriate ones and you are all set.

  • Thumbnails that Invoke Curiosity

The Thumbnail of your YouTube video must be flattering and also invoke curiosity. YouTube usually assigns a thumbnail but this may not serve the purpose. You can customise one by adding bold overlay text that is both enticing and describes what the video is about. Thumbnails do not directly contribute to ranking, but it increases clicks and if there are not many views, the video may not hold the ranking position for long.

  • A Video Description that Says it All

Each video on YouTube comes with an option to add a description. To get your YouTube videos to rank fast, you need to add at least a 250 words description that includes keywords omg especially in the first sentence, a synopsis of your business, a call to action, social media profile links and hashtags. You could naturally repeat the keyword 3-4 times to make it rank well.

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