Why digital marketing is getting popular during the pandemic?

Why digital marketing is getting popular during the pandemic? The pandemic has changed a plethora of things orbiting our daily life. Be it our food habits, the way we work, or even our daily routine too. Advertisements are no exception. The billboards and banners we used to see during our daily commute have been rendered useless. Posters, pamphlets, and flyers don’t make any sense now. But somehow business has to go on, Right?

Marketing will never cease to exist as long as businesses exist. Marketing is an important and most integral part of any business out there. Think of all the dressing brands you know. Now go to your favourite online shopping app and browse the brands. You will be amazed by the vast number of unheard brands you might be seeing for the first time. The difference between these brands and popular brands is that popular brands invest heavily in their marketing campaign while others don’t.

But the question arises. Do we have to spend a huge amount of money on marketing to reap the desired level of benefits? The answer is flat and blatant “NO”. Marketing is not about how much money you spend, but about how much you are able to influence.

digital marketing is popular in pandemic

Digital Marketing was always here. But we were ignorant

The truth is that digital marketing isn’t something that sprouted up with the advent of the pandemic. The pandemic was just a catalyst that added momentum to the ever-rising demand for digital marketing. Digital marketing has been already here for the past couple of decades. But it is only now that people started to acknowledge the potential of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the most effective medium to propagate your ideas to the right customer.

People have this perception that digital marketing is restricted to telemarketing, telesales, or spam mails. But these were just than an initial wave of digital marketing that took shape a couple of decades ago. Nowadays people started valuing time more than anything else. They don’t have time to spare for watching some telesales or respond to a spam e-mail. People have already programmed themselves to delete them if they spot one of those. In most cases the e-mail filter auto-spams such mails. For them, ads are the last thing they want to see in their tightly packed schedule. This became a problem for marketers as attractive pricing and offers failed to capture people’s attraction anymore as it has turned into the new ordinary. They were constantly in search of a new and innovative method of marketing to the people.

A new era of Digital Marketing

Earlier, one of the biggest disadvantages of digital marketing was the ads were catered to everybody without any regard to their taste and preference. This resulted in high marketing costs and not so proportionate return on investment. Only giant players in the industry were able to reap the benefits of such marketing campaigns while the domestic competitors were nothing short of sitting ducks to a massive scale of revenue loss and brand degradation. It all took a sudden turn with the advent of a non-linear marketing approach.

In a non-linear marketing approach, the one-way marketing approach was only the seller was able to communicate got upgraded into a two-way approach. As opposed to catering the ads to anybody, now personalized ads were used to lure customers. The customers were provided with tailor-made ads that meet their needs and expectation. By eliminating the non-interested groups and focusing on the potential customers it further enabled the drastic fall of marketing costs and facilitated greater lead generation and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising all enabled organic and quality traffic to the websites like never before that too at unbelievable cheaper costs. This has encouraged more people to launch their businesses online and reap the benefits of living in a digital age. In India alone, you can name a ton load of companies that started small by leveraging the SEO and SMM tactics and grew big into big companies and corporations.

The Pandemic Effect

Multi-billion companies were all set to host multiple events across the world to launch their products and flaunt the marvels of their technology and engineering. It all came to n halt as the pandemic broke out. The millions of dollars so spent were wasted without a cause. This made companies rethink their marketing strategy. This led to the rise in demand and utilization of digital marketing in the last quarter.

No matter what happens, one thing remains unchanged and that is people’s social media and internet surfing habits. Adopting a long-term and effective social media strategy can facilitate brand building, increased customer trust, customer engagement, and lead generation. Promoting your brand via brand pages and ads in social media enables a two engagement with the potential customers which further instils them the trust and makes them feel that you really listen to them. Also, your existing customer’s word of mouth can do wonders as it can lure in more customers and build up their confidence in you.

Your website’s ranking in the search results page plays a pivotal role in organic lead generation. This can be enhanced by incorporating many techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid marketing. Paid promotion easily makes your way to the top thereby attracting a lot of attention and traffic. But it is SEO which is the cheapest and most effective way to enhance quality leads to your website. If done right, SEO can outweigh the paid promotions since people can easily distinguish between paid and organic results and mostly it’s the organic results that gain more traffic as opposed to paid promotions.

Technology has a dynamic nature and it is the ones who adopt it earlier often grabs success and early mover advantage. Digital marketing is already the next thing in the future and its time high that we embrace this magic formula to success. As opposed to the traditional омг омг даркнет form of marketing, its cost-effectiveness and higher return of investment make it affordable and sensible to anyone who dreams of his online and business success. Stewart Brand once said, “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you are not part of the steam roller, you are part of the road”. In the world of digital marketing, new techniques and strategies are being mended by businesses worldwide. Why step aside when you can already step in and ride the vehicle of success. Adridge Media is the pioneer of new and innovative digital marketing strategists and consultants. We can devise the most befitting digital marketing strategy that can uplift business, enhance your brand image, generate leads, and rake in revenue.

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